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    Have You Heard of Tribal Loans? The Best Option For Bad Credit

    Have You Heard of Tribal Loans? The Best Option For Bad Credit

    If you like to keep up with the latest financial products, you might’ve heard about tribal loans - but what exactly are they and how do they work? This relatively new type of lending product may be the optimal solution for borrowers with weaker credit seeking easy approvals and fast funding times. 

    Let’s explore the best tribal loans for bad credit and how they might be suitable for your financial circumstances.

    What Are Tribal Loans?       

    These unusually named financial products are offered by companies based in traditional Native American territories. These areas of America are better known for casinos and the sale of fireworks and other items that are highly regulated in neighboring states. 

    That same flexibility extends to the financial industry with tribal loans offering easier approvals and more generous loan amounts than other lending products provided by creditors based in conventional US cities. Some well-known lenders in this category include Blue Trust Loans, Big Picture Loans, and Lendgreen Installment Loans. 

    Tribal Vs. Bad Credit Loans 

    Many tribal loans cater to bad credit customers, but there are a few differences between them and traditional bad credit lending products:

    • Easier terms: It may be easier to qualify for a tribal loan and you may have longer to repay the outstanding amount
    • A high chance of approval: Since these loans aren’t based in areas that fall under general US legislation, they tend to offer easier approval processes than a typical bad credit loan provider would       
    • APRs may vary: Some tribal loans offer lower APRs than conventional bad credit lenders but the exact amount you’ll pay differs according to the specific company you apply to
    • Both are available online: You can apply for them online just like bad credit loans. This is essential considering that many of these lenders are located in remote parts of the country

    The Pros & Cons Of A Tribal Loan    


    • Higher probability of approval with bad credit. If you’ve been rejected for other forms of bad credit borrowing in the past you may still qualify for a tribal loan
    • Available online. This makes the application process easier and the steps you’ll need to take are comparable to most bad credit lenders
    • Easier to apply due to less stringent lending criteria. Easy applications and fast approval times are ideal when you need money at short notice


    • The possibility of higher than average APRs. It’s important to note that some tribal lenders charge high APRs - especially for bad credit borrowers. This is especially true of payday loan providers which should be your last resort 
    • Remote locations without local branches. You won’t have the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having a physical branch nearby
    • Less well-known than traditional bad credit lenders. If dealing with a relatively new lender that isn’t a household name yet makes you uneasy, you may want to consider your options carefully before applying 

    Can Bad Credit Borrowers Apply?    

    If you’re keen to apply for tribal lending products but are concerned that your credit score may prevent you from qualifying you’ll be relieved to hear that bad credit isn’t a dealbreaker for most of these lenders.

    • Tribal loans are ideal for bad credit borrowers thanks to easier lending terms and looser qualifying criteria
    • Your credit score may carry less weight than your income and monthly debt repayments in the eyes of a tribal lender
    • You’ll want to check the APR and associated fees that come with each loan before you apply. This will help you to insure that you’re accessing the most affordable form of financing.

    If you’ve any doubts about a tribal loan provider or simply prefer a more conventional lender, you may want to opt for a bad credit loan instead.


    Tribal loans are a new and exciting option that bad credit customers will want to consider as they browse the various lending products available online. 

    The easier lending terms and qualifying criteria offered by these products could make them ideal for borrowers with low FICO scores as long as the APR associated with the loan isn’t too high.