Homebridge Bad Credit Loan Review

Homebridge has been around for more than 30 years as one of the United States’ non-bank mortgage lending institutions and is owned privately by Homebridge Financial Services, Inc. It strives to provide quality lending products for its customers, especially on home loans - making it easier, convenient, and simple.

Home Bridge bad credit review
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    What there is to know about Homebridge:

    • Purchasing, refinancing, and renovation home loans available 
    • Conventional Loans
    • FHA Loans
    • VA Loan
    • Fixed and adjustable rates
    • Jumbo and Super Jumbo Loans
    • Reverse Mortgage
    • Member of the Equal Opportunity Lender

    Homebridge Financial Terms In a Glimpse

    Loan Amounts

    Not stated

    Term Length

    Up to 360 months 

    Loan Rates

    Not stated

    Min. Credit Score

    500 to 580

    Better Business Bureau Rating

    Not rated

    Time to Funding


    Homebridge Highlights

    For home loans and mortgages, Homebridge provides various options for its clients, particularly with its offers of fixed and adjustable rates and other loans such as reverse mortgages, jumbo, super jumbo, and more. The numbers for its rates are not disclosed, but it promises competitive rates with an extension of its services to those who are turned away by other lenders because of bad credit. The credit score requirement is at 500-580, which low score holders can easily afford. 

    For more information, turn to the highlights below and see other services and benefits for clients.

    Pre-qualifications Unspecified

    Credit reports are pulled, along with the score by the lender in order to pre-qualify. However, there are two types of credit pull: the soft and the hard. Soft credit pulls typically do not affect the score of an individual, compared to the other one. Yet, no specifics are provided on which method is utilized.

    Accepted Debt-to-Income Ratio Unspecified

    The accepted DTI ratios for most of the loans are not specified, but those with high ratios are allowed the VA loans, as there is no cap for the DTI ratio in this lending product.

    No Line of Credit

    No available line of credit is offered at the moment.

    Credit Health Tools

    With tools such as mortgage calculators and resources like Credit Basics and Mortgage 101, borrowers are given a chance to improve their credit through these.

    Hardship Programs

    For borrowers who may be impacted by unfortunate circumstances, the disaster relief center offers assistance to aid them in payments. 

    No Prepayment Penalty 

    Early payments can be made on most loans without charges, but other loans may have penalties imposed on them.

    No Unsecured Loans

    There are no unsecured loans offered at the current time. 

    Homebridge Fees

    Fees are currently not posted by the lender.

    How to Qualify

    Homebridge is available in 49 states nationwide, and individuals may apply online or in-person.

    The Bottom Line

    Looking at the credit score requirement and the kind of service it grants to its clients, Homebridge may be an ideal bank for those with bad credit. The rates are not disclosed, but there are various home loan options available. Furthermore, there is no cap for DTI ratios in VA loans.

    Other ideal lenders are Upstart and Avant, which not only accepts those low scores but also offers personal, auto, and lines of credit. Upstart can offer up to $1,000 to $50,000 in loan amounts, with unsecured loans available. Furthermore, Avant can offer up to $2,000 to $35,000 with a line of credit accessible.